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Richard Johnson

Having had dozens of pairs of the old grandt line hon3 trucks serve for many years with ony one set rolling its axle off I would say go for it.
Probably nothing will compare to the quality and free rolling ability of the Blackstone trucks, however my understanding is they are out of stock and production from what I have heard.   
Also, the Blackstone trucks rolled so freely that cars would roll away on sidings, I had to take some campbels or A line chain and drop it on one rail to be able to park cars, or make sure at least one old grandt line truck car was parked with the bunch.   

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Rich Johnson 

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Subject: [HOn3] HOn3 trucks

We are thinking about bringing the Grandtline HOn3 trucks back out.

We have been testing them with stainless steel wheels sets, and been having good luck

Is there enough interest in them?  Again,  they would not roll like the blackstone, version.  But, we think they will roll and be more constant they the old grand line trucks.

I would love to have some input form the group on this.


Doug Junda
San Juan Model co

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