Re: Help with Westside K-37



The idler gear is NWSL #3056 or Walters #53-3056 in Derlin.

Bruce Dunlevy 

On Jun 30, 2021, at 11:03 AM, Mark Kasprowicz <mark@...> wrote:

Ah yes, the Craftsman 3 Coreless Drive as fitted to the Nakamura K-28 and 36. Ironically although the Nakimi motors were Gutless rather than Coreless, they are fine runners when remotored, I have two of them. Dead easy to replace the motor with a mashima 1624, not so easy to find that motor anymore. The tubular brass housing goes straight in the bin and you're left with a 2mm. Shaft.
I have a Nakamura 37 and mention of it reminds me to dig it out and place it on Ebay here in the UK.

Mark K

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