Re: Muddy Mudhen

Jim Schulz

I fall into Darryl’s (Furlow, Yorke) thinking on weathering.  I like to overdo it.  Gives it character.  Darryl, I really like your porter engine.  Wonderfully done!


Then again, seeing Blackstone’s HOn3, C-19, #346 with Blackstone’s weathering, it too is quite beautiful.  It’s a mild weathering and I wouldn’t change a thing.


But as mentioned, PBL’s weathering is also nice.  It looks kind of vertical, as though a lot of rain had washed the coal dust over the tender.  But here there is also a tan and rust coloring.  I like that.  More color.  And it goes from top to bottom on the tender.


So many ways to do weathering.  Happy mudding!




Jim Schulz

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