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Bernie H

That is a awesome looking Porter!!!!!

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I may not know the secret for true happiness, but I do know it doesn't come from trying to please everyone else.

What is important is what you think.  Don't try to please me.  Don't try to please some guy that lives in Montana.

Back in the 1970s, the most popular "expert" on weathering would use an air brush to paint vertical stripes of dust on locomotives.

I thought they looked stupid but he was very popular.

Today one of the most popular expert weatherer is Jimmy Booth at PBL.  I love his work.

But I fall into the Tom Yorke, Malcolm Furlow type of weathering.  I overdo it.  At least according to most people.

But I build my models and layouts to please my wife.  If she says it looks good then I am happy.

My favorite weathered locomotive attached.

Now, having said that, I agree with the other responses.  I have lived most of my 76 years with a railroad running through my back yard.

24 years in the desert.  45 years in Alaska.

But I have never seen a locomotive with that much mud on it.  But I have not seen all locomotives.

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