Re: Box Girders and 6000 Flat Car Loading

kevin b

welllll, if you wanna do a bunch of measuring and math etc,,,,,:
a 1 inch thick sheet of steel that is 36" wide and 96" long will weigh 979 pounds.
personally, i see you having just all kinds of fun calculating the weight of one of those.

i also like the idea of 1 row high and 3 wide just fine.


This week I was sorting thru misc parts (junk). Found some Micro Enginerring parts to build box girders. Actually Tower Struts. 28' long and 10" x 18" approximate. Any suggestions on how many on a car before the transition to splinters. One deep and 3 across???? More? Less? A guess at the weight of the girder? Probably no prototype precedent. Not so much how many can you haul but more like we need to get x number to ........

Any insights and suggestions appreciated greatly.

Dusty Burman
623 261-8707 

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