Re: Westside K27

John Ladley

Hi Mike!

Some years back, I modified a WMC K-27 Compound drive train, and it really runs super well and quiet. I used the original gearbox, but, may have replaced the idler with a Westside nylon idler (not sure). Westside used to sell replacement gears for their Hon3 engines. I utilized a Sagami (no longer available) 30 x 16 mm can motor, NWSL universals and a brass torque arm connecting the motor (w/screws) to the gear box (w/solder). This resulted in the smoothest running HOn3 engine that I've ever had or seen. The fat boiler still bugs me, but, I've decided to just live with it. I'm attaching a picture of the drive, but, it doesn't give a really good view of the low torque arm. 

Hope this helps. Aside from the boiler, these are nice locomotives.    John

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