Re: HOn3 Gem EBT large 2-8-2

Robert Bell

I had a Seiko/Gem EBT 2-8-2 until recently that I had acquired thinking I could turn it into a White Pass #80 or 81.  The WhitePass 70 class all had 44" drivers as did the 80/81.  The EBT mikes had 48" drivers.  Sitting next to my four White Pass 70 class engines, the EBT mike was a little taller and larger overall, but not ridiculously so.  I think that the EBT engines are just larger engines than the White Pass locos.  In general, I did not think it was going to be worth the effort, so I sold it.

The tender is WAY off from either the original White Pass 70/71 tenders or the White Pass 190 class tenders, which all of their locomotives got after WWII.  Prior to 1950, the White Pass burned coal.  All of their engines were converted in one winter to burn oil.

Rob Bell
Modeling the White Pass & Yukon Route in HOn3
Waynesville, NC

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, 06:55:53 PM EDT, wayne_h_sanderson <whsander@...> wrote:

I have one of those Gem EBT large brass 2-8-2s in HOn3. I know it’s not correct for the prototype, a bit too large.

Question: Has anyone brass bashed one of these into White Pass & Yukon 70, 71 or 72?

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