shout-out to Bar Mills Models

Darryl Huffman

Most of you know I prefer scratchbuilding over putting kits together.
One reason for this is I find it so hard to figure out the instructions for kits.
Today I received my HO scale kit for Bar Mills Models Dock House at Cundy Harbor.
What a treat!!!
These are the best instructions I have ever seen for an HO structure kit.
Full scale drawings, lots of photos, lots of drawings to show how everything fits together.
I really look forward to building this kit and just wanted to make a public shout of THANKS to Art and Jim and all the people at Bar Mills Models.
By comparison, last week I received an HO multi-structure kit in the $350 price range which did not include any scale drawings at all.  The instructions are very skimpy and I am not sure how I can ever build the kit.  This is not a fly-by-night outfit but a well known manufacturer . 
I watch the craftsman kit builds on the Railroad Line Forum and have noticed there are never any builds for this manufacturer. 
Now I understand why.
The manufacturer is not Sierra West, South River Model Works or Fine Scale Miniatures.  All of their instructions are great.
Thanks again to Art Fahey and Jim Moody and the rest of the people at Bar Mills Models.
You guys put out great kits for a great price.
Darryl Huffman
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