Re: HOn3 Gem EBT large 2-8-2

Russ Norris

Hey Rick, speaking of the Hallmark engines, I have #14 in the shop right now.  After 10 years of being my only operating steamer- not to mention it was the first engine I tried putting wipers on the drivers and learned how to install digital decoders - it was starting to make grinding noises when operating.  This weekend I disassembled the gear tower, cleaned a lot of goop from the gear box and gears, and successfully reassembled it -- and it not only runs, it runs quieter than before!  Now on to #15.  If I am successful I will have two operating engines!


On Sat, May 22, 2021, 9:09 PM Ric Case <ebtmodeler@...> wrote:
Wayne: the size difference is tolerable. The model represents the three larger Mike’s! 
When painted and lettered for the larger mikes unless they are sitting side by side with one of the Hallmark models you can have a nice model!
The white pass engines had smaller tenders and I believe had oil bunkers. Can’t really remember. I model the EBT and have had 1 of the w p models a few years ago! 
Ran nice but decided to part with it! 

Ric Case 
EBT Modeler 
Hamilton Ohio 

On May 22, 2021, at 6:55 PM, wayne_h_sanderson <whsander@...> wrote:

I have one of those Gem EBT large brass 2-8-2s in HOn3. I know it’s not correct for the prototype, a bit too large.

Question: Has anyone brass bashed one of these into White Pass & Yukon 70, 71 or 72?

Russ Norris, MMR
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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