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Dave There is a little spelling error below. 
"...sheet iron or steel coated with an alloy of about four parts lead to one part tin".

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Thanks Randy. 

So the obvious question: did those early RPO cars have canvas roofs over wood like early loco cabs?

Mike Conder

On Tue, May 11, 2021 at 2:48 PM Randy Hees <randyhees@...> wrote:
Most* D&RGW passenger cars had turne metal roofs, not canvas... made up of about 22"x30" sheets, with seams crimped and soldered

*the only exceptions that come to mind are the early arch roofed RPO cars....

Randy Hees

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I like using Model Airplane "Silk Span" which in that hobby is used to cover wings and other airfoils.  I have been usng it for years.  I actually cut it up in the sizes i want, place it dry where I want it and then paint it with floquil grimy black.  The paint becomes the adhesive.  Any extra I have hanging off the sides I cut off with a fresh sharp razor blade.  I guess I works fine as when I placed my 7 car train of Labelle cars with interiors and under workings it placed 1-2-3 and I was told to not block he category by bringing back the others for a while.  hahhahaha
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I have seen alot of folks use tissue paper and diluted white glue and then use a black / grey paint.


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I am looking for suggestion to simulate the canvas roof on my LaBelle Passenger car fleet.

Don Bergman

Mike Conder

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