Re: Cutting a large quantity of switch ties

Bill Lugg

Thanks for the responses.  I had a brain fart last night based on Mr. Brennan's proposal that I could 3D print a block to hold a group of ties I could run through the table saw...with great care.  I'm working on the model for that now and will let you know of my success.

Bill Lugg

On 5/7/21 8:46 PM, lloyd lehrer wrote:
Buy a little electric chopsaw

lloyd lehrer, (310)951-9097

On Fri, May 7, 2021, 7:18 PM Bill Lugg < <>> wrote:

I've got a situation where I've got to cut switch ties for 24
that will go in a yard.  Are there any thoughts for a quick way to do
this other than sitting in front of a Chopper for multiple weeks
a few at a time?

Bill Lugg

lloyd lehrer

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