Re: Murder on the San Juan Express - Good News!

kevin sivils

Hope you enjoy the story!

On 05/07/2021 1:38 PM Russ Norris <rbnorrisjr@...> wrote:
Kevin, I picked up a copy from Amazon and am just digging in.  Thanks for the tip.
Russ Norris, MMR

On Thu, Mar 18, 2021 at 1:22 AM kevin sivils < ksivils@...> wrote:
I'd like to thank those of you who picked up a copy of Murder on the San Juan Express! It hit #1 in the category of Railroad Fiction on Amazon.

As a heads up in case you haven't picked up a copy and would like to, there will be a price increase on the 22nd of March. The Kindle edition will go up in price to $4.99 and the paperback will go up in price to $12.95. To get a copy use this link:



Russ Norris, MMR
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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