Re: Carter Brothers 24’ 8t Flat

Dave Eggleston


Great comments on how woodwork was addressed. Looking for a bit of clarification of the ironwork painting--or an idea of prevailing understanding based on the limited sources we have to hand in the present. 

"It was more common to find red lead on the wood in contact with iron [...]" is interesting. Does this mean that queen posts or trussrod pad would also be given some paint or lead, and if so, on only the contact side or completely? The truss rods only given lead red where they pierce frame members or along the entire length? Brake wheel and rod unpainted while the holding plate for the rod would be painted? Etc, etc, etc.

I have seen period references to ironwork called out as painted, especially items such as grab irons, but recognize these references as terribly vague. They suggest ironwork got some type of paint coating at times. On this, we tend to think these cars were painted exclusively in red (of some type) and you mention the red on hand in one location. But I've also seen black called out for ironwork by some car builders--any evidence Carter opted to black ironwork in the 1874-1879 period?

Finally: trucks. Completely painted or only certain elements? 

I recall Jim Wilke turning a lot of people's understanding of 1860s-1890s engine painting practices on its head starting in the early 1990s...very exciting and surprising, often against modern expectations and bias. I suspect the same goes for wood cars. 


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