Re: Carter Brothers 24’ 8t Flat

John Stutz

Keep in mind, when reviewing such prices, that semi-skilled day labor was then getting somewhere around $1 for a 12 hour day.   Actual labor prices varied with availability, and could occasionally go as much as twice this figure, but these give a ballpark figure for inflation over the last 150 years.  So multiply these prices by about 150 to get the current cost.  These cars were not inexpensive.

John Stutz

On May 3, 2021 9:10 AM Dave Eggleston via <degg13@...> wrote:

The NPC overall number is spread across 270 cars and that cost is reported differently in different reports. I'd think $400-$475 a good range. The M&SV got 40, the SC&F got 34, the NCNG got 15. Not sure volume as much as other factors such as materials, transport and actual construction on site affected the price.


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