Re: Carter Brothers 24’ 8t Flat

John Stutz


One way to remove the yaw from a truck is to put a compression spring under the head of the screw holding one truck.   Use a very light spring.  Kadee is your best source for very light compression springs, making a wide variety for their many couplers, but I am not sure which ones I have used.  Possibly the O-scale knuckle spring.  It needs to be a loose fit over the screw, but these springs can be expanded by pushing onto a tapered mandrel.  I cut them in half, and bend the cut end in enough that it holds tight on the screw when the truck is removed.  Tighten the screw just enough to eliminate car body wobble.

John Stutz

On May 2, 2021 9:37 AM Kent Hinton via <keh_bier@...> wrote:

Did a bit of test running yesterday on Dave Sheber's KD&VJ Railroad.  Ran on the point both downhill and uphill, as well as cut-in between a pair of much heavier log cars.  Tracked great, but it was a short consist.  Still want to take the yaw out of one of the trucks.  May widen the bolster surface the truck sits on but leave the other end free to yaw as is.  Also need to get a string of these setup and then see how well they play together before I worry about dead weight.

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