Re: Carter Brothers 24’ 8t Flat

John Stutz


My choice between the Microtrains 1015 and 1016 is based on how far back I need to go to get a screw in.  Note that the 1019 offset mount version may be better in some situations.   The centering arrangement of all three are identical, and just the opposite of the MT 1025 and Kadee 714, so they bounce when pushed, but not when pulled.  But the real advantage is that the coupler head can yield slightly when being coupled, without the car moving, so there is less chance of a car being pushed along without coupling.  Which last is my principal problem with the 1025 and 714.

John Stutz

On April 29, 2021 10:13 PM Kent Hinton via < keh_bier@...> wrote:

John, thanks. I will definitely check out the 1015/1016 series couplers. Do you find the short or medium shank length to work better for HOn3? Or do you use both depending on the car?

Kent Hinton

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