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Jim Spencer

Jonathan, I once owned one of the Key RGS 42s.  I am only aware of one Key run of that loco.  

It had a lot of problems, so I got rid of it.  The main problem was the motor location inside the front of the boiler and anchored to the boiler instead of the frame.  The result was a near impossibility of aligning the frame to boiler connection to get the worm to properly mesh with the gear.  It never ran smoothly.  Another problem is it didn’t have sprung drivers.  The motor was a Nimiki which is a coreless type, but which was maybe underpowered.

Later runs of Key HOn3 locos did have sprung drivers and had their motors mounted more conventionally on a pivot plate on the frame.  The ones I have are all better runners than those with unsprung drivers.

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Hi all,

First, let me say that I'm really excited to see the group move away from Yahoo and over here to

Now, to my question; I've been trying to obtain the Key RGS #42 for the past several years.  I actually did purchase a unit from a little over a year ago, only to discover someone in their organization dropped the model as it was being prepared to ship to me and it was damaged beyond repair  I understand there are two versions of this locomotive that Key produced, and I would like to know if anyone here in the group has experience with either or both productions.  Any insight and recommendations you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and have a great day!


James G. Spencer, Architect, AIA 

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