HO craftsman kits for sale

Darryl Huffman

My friend, David Capron, is selling a bunch of craftsman kits

If interested, please contact David directly at:


April 19, 2021

My health and Father Time Has made me accept the simple fact that I will not be able to enjoy building craftsman kits as long as I had planned to. These kits are all NIB from a non-smokers home. Most all of these kits are out of production, many Limited editions and so rare on the open market that they are not even listed on eBay. They will be sold on a first come basis. Message me for your private showing of these exquisite Craftsman Kits in Greenville. If you want them shipped I will need your ZIP code to calculate that cost. 
I’m missing some Bar Mill and JLN kits so I’ll send an updated list ASAP. I’ll also be happy to look at any reasonable multi kit offers. Remember these are rare even on eBay. I will be happy to send you pics of any kits you want to see. Happy modeling.

FOS Scale Models:

The Terminal 415

Rust Rock Falls 425

Execution Rocks 450

Oyster Hill 450

R.E.A. Freight House 415

Bandit’s Roost 425

Printers Row 425

Red Hook Wharf 450

Sierra West:

Logging Camp Main Street K-206 525

Logging Camp Essentials K-207 565

Sheepscot Scale Productions:

Cat’s Head Pier $195  
The Lime Company $265

Red Herring Packing $265

Beanfield Siding $225

80 Foot Ferry $105


Oatman’s Mercantile Jewel #12 $275

Dexters Dead End Jewel #8 $355

Jamestown Water Stop Jewel #16 $285
(Georges 1st retirement “last kit”
Westside Auto Jewel #18 $295

Stuff’s Brewing Company Jewel #3 $285

Butchers Way Jewel #11 $280

The Rock Bunker Kit #165 $150

R.H. Starky Coal Company Kit #245 $295

The I. M. Dunn Company Jewel #19 $295
(Georges final kit)

Yehudah’s Heating Company Jewel #14 $285

Water Tank & Tool Shed Kit #125 $225

South River Model Works:

Delabarre Woolens #330 $375

Kingston Creamery #290 $375

Spencer Paper Box Company #310 $395

The Tucker & Cook Cotton Yarn Mill #370 $395

Hilltown Entrepreneurs #380 $360

Treadwell Textile #120 $355

Cambridge Crossing #200 $365

Martin Machine Company #150 $365

Rail Scale Miniatures:

Delwins Boat and Net Storage K-006 $375

American Model Builders:

Dabler Mill & Supply Company K-2001 $295
Millennium Series

Laser Modeling 3:

Gillmeister Coal Company $245

Bar Mills:

F&S Manchester Tribute Kit No. 1 $425

Queen City Coal (Limited Ed) $355

HiggenBothams Coal & Sand Kit #1 $125

Schmidtchens  Rifle and Firearms $150
Kit signed by Art

Gibley’s Furniture $80

Saulenas Tavern $75

Majestic Hardware and Feed $95

Booty Corner $135

Sokol’s   (two box set) $150

J L Innovative Design

Saw Pit Store #321 $45

Kilborn Marine #381 $45

Doobie Chase & Co. #611 $45

Marble Rock Garage #591 $45

K C Workshop

Jason Jensen Kit Bash Special $90

Micro-Scale Models Inc.:

O’Reilly’s Sticky Oils & Resins $295
10th Year Anniversary Kit

Dunklberger’s Country Milk Products $225

Bower’s Brewery $225

Jenning’s Bros Lumber $265

Builders n Scale

The Waterfront Kit #5 $145

Sassen Vinegar Kit #10 $145

Tidewater Wharf $145

B. T. S.

McCabe Saw Mill $275

McCabe Drying Kiln $110

McCabe Planning Shed $245

McCabe Sawdust Shed $95

Tramway and Storage Shed $145

Fire Hose Storage Shed and Water Tower $95

Master Creations by  B. T. S.

Cabin Creek Coal Co. $225

McCabe Hyde Pulp Mill  #95-SF-171 $255

Darryl Huffman

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