Re: Boone Morrison

Keith Wiseman

Randy and All,

"Talking Story" is an art form Boone taught Me as well.  He visited Us nearly every time He came to Kentucky with the re-enactment stuff.  We spent 2 days traveling all around the surrounding counties seeing all the Boone related stuff.  We even made a mold from some of His masters and made parts a few hours later that He took home with Him.  My favorite time with Boone was sitting in His hotel room at Blue Licks State park talking story until 3 AM.   Especially His elaboration of being stuck in the worst Hail storm in this area in 100 years which cracked the windshield of His rental car in 3 places. Scary part is He was parked under a tree to get away from it.  It was the size of Baseballs.  


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