Re: HO scale gears

John Stutz


When John Cummings, now deceased, was with NWSL, they offered a range of 0.3mm modulus straight tooth gears intended for use in logging engine models.  I have no idea if these are currently available.

I once ran across some fairly fine pitch gears intended for light electric flying models, while pursuing small size coreless motors from Ebay.  I think they were about 0.2mm modulus, but the size range was quite limited.  I've no idea what the website was, but you might search for such sites. 

I can supply 16mm ID Fulharber ~1008:1 spur gearheads, with, I believe, 0.1mm modulus gears, so 1/3 the tooth size of NWSL's smallest.  Without checking, I believe these use 5 stages of 9-tooth x 1.5mm long pinons and 31-tooth x 0.5mm thick gears, with a much heftier 13:27 output stage.  These were removed from gear-head motors purchased from a local surplus store ~20 years ago, and might still be usable.

And of course, if you have access to any old windup watches, the smaller ones contain really fine gears.

John Stutz

On Sat, Apr 17, 2021 at 10:29 PM Eric Schrowang < eschrowang@...> wrote:
Good Afternoon all,
I am looking for a source of HO scale gears I am doing a project for, but not having any luck. This is a static model so I don't need anything fancy. 3D printed or cast resin would work fine.

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