Re: Central Valley trucks

John Stutz


If these are the original "original Central Valley wheels", one wheel is pressed directly onto the axle and the other pressed over an insulating layer of lacquer.   The insulated side's wheel is not moveable, without risking shorting the wheel-set.   So substitute NWSL SG 26" wheel-sets, which can be re-gauged.  And use a NWSL puller, to preserve the needle point.

John Stutz

On April 10, 2021 3:08 PM Jim Spencer <trainmanjs@...> wrote:

I have an unbuilt standard gauge CV box car kit that has its original CV arch bar trucks. I also have several of their narrow gauge rack bar trucks. In comparing them, the side frames are identical castings. And the bolsters are identical except for length. Furthermore the axle diameters appear to be the same. The narrow gauge wheels appear to be 26”. So unless there is a shoulder on the axles, to me it appears the the narrow gauge wheels can be transposed over to the standard gauge axles, and, voila!, you will have the same squeezed in arrangement needed for the rotaries.

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