Re: Super Glue aka CA

Don Peterson

To expand on Don's answer, The issue you are having is that the Kadees are made of Delrin plastic which cannot be glued with ACC. there is nothing wrong with your glue or technique.  Don's method is how you do it. 

Don Peterson

On Friday, April 2, 2021, 11:43:00 AM MDT, Bill Lugg <luggw1@...> wrote:

In addition to what Eric mentions, CA does not work on engineering
plastic (delrin), from which the Kadee couplers are manufactured. Don's
solution is much better.

Actually, I found some great info on CA cement (and others too) here:
The Great Guide to Gluing and Assembling 3D Prints
It's focused on cementing large 3D prints together, but the general
information is more widely applicable, I think.

Bill Lugg

On 4/2/21 10:54 AM, Eric Schrowang wrote:
> Bill,
> Here is what I have found / learned.
> First not all CA is created equal, not scientific fact just my
> opinion, I personally use name brand like Jet and they have not failed
> me. If you use a med or gap filling CA they take longer to dry. The
> thin CA is instant set. One other fact I have learned use as little CA
> as possible. Believe it or not sometimes a pin drop is more than enough.
> Hope this helps I sm sure others have good tips as well
> Eric
> On Fri, Apr 2, 2021, 12:27 PM cmdrwmriker <
> <>> wrote:
>    Okay, my ignorance/experience/knowledge/ego is out there with this
>    post.  I have a difficult time with CA.  I do not understand the
>    various "types", if indeed there are multiple types; I do not know
>    where to get a supply of the different types.  I do not know when
>    to use what type.  I do not know how best to apply it.  I do not
>    know the characteristics of the various types.  In a nutshell, "I
>    know nothing!" (with appropriate apologies to Hogan's Heroes). 
>    This is a small group so I decided to stick my neck out.  Can
>    anyone give me a lesson in written form on "CA glue for Dummies?"
>    Thanks and yes, all barbs, arrows, zingers, cuts, etc are welcome.
>    Really, thank you I know someone out there can help me out.
>    Oh, I was assembling some Kadee 714 couplers and finally decided
>    some education may be in order.
>    be cool
>    bill marshall

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