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I am with Mike. At 71, I still like building wood cars, detest plastic. So my early stuff use to have brake rods, levers, triple value, air cylinder and all that stuff. Nice to model but not necessary. My cars all opearte well, and I have over 350 wood cars that unless you use the out of scale grappling hook and pick them up you cannot tell which one have a full under body or those that don't. With all due respect to John Allen, his attitude was if you can't see it why waste your time building it. Contest models are a different story.
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I’m 80 years old, and , I like my models to look good, and operate well. Frankly at my age, I don’t think it’s worth the time and trouble to model the underside, which no one but me will ever see. I do put the big brake cylinder on, as that can sort of be seen from the side, but otherwise, I think it’s a waste of time.

Just my 2 cents worth. (with inflation, that should read 3 cents worth, I guess) 🙄

Mike Van Hove

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currently I‘m kitbashing three gondolas. Part of the project is adding a more detailed brake system using the Grandt Line detail set.
This leads to my question:

If you look at car kits by eg. Grandt or Precision Scale a lot of time is required to detail the underbody. Once you put the finished car on track this is barely visible.

Probably the decision depends on the number of cars needed. Also competition models are a different thing.

Looking at published photos doesn’t give any clue. Probably everybody showcases the best models on that occasion.

So do you think this is worth it?
Do you detail all cars to the same level?
Do you detail them at all?

Just curious.


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