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Hello Richard,
Don't forget Labelle models, Trout Creek engineering andClassic Miniatures for wood kits and I think there
are others as well as Shapeways. The biggest problem would be bogies. Locos are probably the hardest
thing to find especially here in Aus. Of course there is ebay!!! Paul R. from Ballarat.

On Fri, Mar 26th, 2021 at 10:25 PM, Richard Main <> wrote:

Hi all,

I am planning a new modern-era HO layout, and am considering making room
for a HOn3 tourist / heritage railroad (ie: like Puffing Billy here in
Melbourne, Australia, or the Cumbres & Toltec in Colorado and New

I have a few queries for the brains trust:
*  I am considering Peco code 70 HOn3 track, is this a good option?
*  I can only find Blackstone Models as a motive power supplier (unless
I go brass), are there any other suppliers?
*  I'm not adverse to building kits, but are there models of Southern
Pacific narrow gauge? I understand there was a planned / announced brass
set of SP rolling sock, but the manufacturer closed down and didn't do
the models

My current thinking / wish list is that my layout is proto-freelanced
around Sarcamento to Dunsmuir, and the narrow gauge line is an old
logging line that was saved by the local train preservation society,
with loco's and rolling stock sourced from old salvaged SP and leased
equipment. It won't be a logging line, but it will run a work train
(leaning towards the Sierra West Models kits, if I can get some), and a
few passenger cars (a few trains each way). Would ideally like both
steam and early diesel (to run trains on total-fire ban days!).

I have the last few years of the HOn3 Annual (a gold mine of
information), but am after some more leads if I can get some.

Any thoughts / comments / suggestions / pointers welcome.

Kind regards to all,

Richard Main
Melbourne, Australia

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