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Mike Conder

Yes on locos I agree with Ray but all Blackstone locos are definitely RTR right out of the box, whether or not they're DCC.  Some very early Blackstone K-27's had an issue with over-oiled motors but if you get a new one or one that has been running there should be no isse.  No issues with the C-19's.

Brass is very individual, some are good runners right off but many take a little bit of tinkering/tuning.  And others are just dogs.  So that depends on which one you find.  So far I've found most Westside locos to be pretty good though I'm sure there's an exception or two.

Many others on this list have LOTS more experience with brass than I do.  So if you find something, might be worth asking here on the particular engine to get more specific advice.

Mike Conder

On Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 11:02 AM Ray <rayhon3@...> wrote:
You seem to have a good grasp of where to go with this.  As far as engines you have assessed the Blackstone/Brass scape quite well.
I suggest scratch building SP structures.  It really isn't hard and if you don't worry about exact replicas it goes pretty fast - after all there are no instructions to fathom!
Ray in Colorado

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