Re: Query for rolling stock suppliers ...

Mark Kasprowicz

I agree with Scott and Mick, code 55 looks better but I laid Code 70 on the main part of my RR and once painted and ballasted it looks fine. Though if this is a tourist line then something around Code 100 would be more appropriate.
As far as locos are concerned Westside made 1, 8, 9 and 18 steamers. Look for the non tender drive versions (especially if going down the DCC Sound route.)8 and 9 are very similar and 9 can be converted to 8 very easily. NWSL made Diesel No1 .
Cliff Mestel at Trout Creek models in Buena Vista CO makes kits for the SPNG depot at Laws and the Keeler engine house. He also offers some SPNG cars kits. The SPNG inherited a large variety of cars from various NG railroads like the NCNG, NPC, SPC and so on and the result was a collection of freight and passengers cars no two of which seemed exactly the same.
Cliff is also a member of the SPNG Historical Society and there is groups though it isn't that active.

Mark K

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