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lol,,, er yea, 'cept the brits want that in silver, not copper.....

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I just did a conversion and found that two rolls of pennies ($1.00) equals a Pound.

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to all:
had a look at the website:
prices are in pounds, so i did a quick check on a conversion table.
1 driver is 3.6 pounds, which turned out to be 5.1 US dollars.
personally, i don't think that's too bad.
'course, you need axles, and contact wipers, and i suppose, connecting rods and  crank pins, didn't see those, but did not study the website to death either.
as for shipping?
no idea.
i am giving serious consideration towards making an order for a future loco project.


They even offer an HOn3 axle to match their square wheel hubs.


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