Re: HOn3 brass kits on Brasstrains today

Mick Moignard

I have a London Road Models RSU, and I have an Ersa Icon-1 soldering iron.  Since I bought the Icon-1 I have used the RSU very rarely.  Before I bought the Icon-1 I had made/repaired a lot of stuff including a PSC C-16 kit - which is largely the Kemtron design brought up to date -  mostly with the RSU and that worked well. I  also have done many quite complex soldering jobs, brass repairs, scratchbuilding, DCC installs, etc with the Icon-1, and highly recommend it.  It's a variable power and variable temperature military spec machine that can keep the tip at the set temperature +/- about 5degC.  If need be it can do 150W if the tip is trying to heat something big, but mostly runs a lot less than that.  

Bottom line is that if you have a high-powered soldering iron (50W or more) small enough to get into the kit parts, then use it and enjoy the kit.  If you need to buy, buy a decent RSU or an Icon-1.    But don't try to assemble a kit like these with a puny iron, or with glue. You will regret it.  

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