Re: Instruction/Plans for an HO Simpson Products Jack's Cabin Water Tank



Appreciate the shout out, but for those looking for prototype fidelity, I need to point out a few items in regards to my drawing.

They are indeed based on Jack’s Cabin, but I called them Don’s Cabin, as they were for my late friend Don Straight’s On30 layout. I MAY have taken some liberties with the spout height. I MAY have also slightly changed the tank diameter to use a common plumbing PVC size as the core. But I don’t remember, (I drew these a decade ago) and without pulling out the D&RGW engineering drawings, the Colorado RR Structure plan book, and the photo references and comparing, I can’t say for sure.

They are nice drawings, but if you are concerned with dead proto accuracy, find the Cliff Grandt plans. My details are on the money, but I can’t say with a hundred percent certainty that I didn’t fudge a few of the basic dimensions. My drawings were also used by RS Laser for an O and HO Scale version, which they market as Jack’s Cabin.

That said, anyone who wants the plans, email me, I’m happy to share them.


Chris Lane - Editor HOn3 Annual

On Mar 9, 2021, at 8:36 AM, Robert Bennett <ngbobme@...> wrote:

Good Morning All,

Plans for this tank are also available in HO scale in the July, 2013 issue of RMC. They were done by Chris Lane and accompany a piece I did on an O scale version. I have recently done an HO model as well that will hopefully be in an upcoming issue of RMC; photo attached. There were also plans done by Cliff Grandt in the 2010 Narrow Gauge Annual.

Bob Bennett <IMG_4779 _2_.JPG>

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