Instruction/Plans for an HO Simpson Products Jack's Cabin Water Tank

Earl Knoob

I have one of the above kits, but it is missing the instructions and/or plans that came with the kit.   Does anyone out there in HOn3-Land  have an un-built kit or if they built the kit eons ago, somehow kept the plans/instructions?  After packing this kit around for 30+ years, it has finally found a home on my new railroad.

The story about how the plans/instructions came up missing is sort of interesting and certainly unique:  In 2010, I was working for the San Luis & Rio Grande RR in Alamosa, CO running their steam locomotive over La Veta Pass.  Getting water for the locomotive in La Veta was always a hassle involving getting the fire department out there every day to work the fire hydrant.  The town of La Veta charged a bunch of money for this, the town really didn't want to do it.  The only guys happy with the deal was the firemen who had something to do.

We found that we could get a water tap off the city main to fill our own tank, if we had one.  A standard 50k gallon D&RGW water tank was a bit of overkill, but the Jack's Cabin/Villa Grove Tank was the perfect fit.  Someone asked if anyone had plans for the Jack's Cabin Tank.  I told them I had an HO kit with plans included.  The construction company borrowed my plans/instructions but never gave them back.  When I realized they were still missing I went hunting for the company and found it had gone out of business, and the plans were lost.....

BTW, the tank was built in 2012.  It was built too close to the track and the spout when pulled down would be aimed at the far side of the tender.  Soon after I saw the handwriting on the wall for the Alamosa steam program, and accepted a position as manager for the Texas State RR and left Colorado.  The tank has never had any water in it, nor has it ever watered a locomotive.  The now the railroad is in bankruptcy and there will probably never be another steam locomotive in La Veta.

There you have it.  Is that a good enough sob-story? 

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