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My wife and I took the Mt. Wasington tram RR up to the top one fall day.  When we got to the top there was a blizzard going on.  The roof of the coach car was bouncing up and down, the car was steady on the track but they would not let us off and immediately started us back down.  It was a real eye opener as to the record wind speeds they get up there all the time.

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Let's not forget Heywood's 15" gauge lines. Not mining, industrial or playground, these were meant as serious operations with equipment: Duffield Bank, Eaton Hall and Ravenglass and Eksdale.

As to wind, the 3' gauge Colorado Central near Georgetown had several trains blow over, as well as the occasional car. In Patagonia the 750mm line (just under 30") had at least one complete train blow over. None of this is about gauge; a strong enough wind will blow over a train of any gauge. 

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