Re: Key crankpin size


Ed, Well last night, I finally decided I was not ordering any new screws…..This project had been delayed too long.  I drilled all the driver crankpin holes to fit a Tube (Shoulder), the size of the side rod's hole.  I soldered all the shoulders in place, and tapped the shoulder’s (tube)hole with a 00-90 tap to accept 00-90 hex head screws.  It worked like a charm, and have moved forward on to the construction of this early C-17.  This damn model (Key RGS #42) never ran correctly, but with a re-machined frame, new drivers, and gearbox, it should run smoothly.  

On Jun 15, 2018, at 9:40 AM, Ed Weldon <23.weldon@...> wrote:

One other thought on my offer of 5/64 hex brass.  Tell me how you plan to machine it whether its by using a small lathe, dremel tool and a file or whatever else. I hope to get some interesting survey data out of this or we can simply share whatever tricks we come up with.
Ed W.

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