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John Stutz


RE: NWC&N and AR&C 2-6-0s

The North Western Coal & Navigation 2-6-0s of 1885 comprised two different designs: class 8-18-D, drawing 7, #61-63, delivered in March 1885, and 8-18-D, drawing 9, #66-68, delivered in Oct & Nov 1885.  I suspect this has been a source of much confusion, due to assuming that all six were the same design.  Photographs suggest that drawing 7 has a straight boiler, and drawing 9 has a wagon top boiler.

Class 8-18-D drawing 7 was widely built, as: #53 for Florida Southern 1/82, #54 for R.G.Peters 4/83, #59 for Olympia & Chehales Valley 5/84, #64 for Charlotte(?), Colombia & Augusta 10/85, #69 for Americus, Preston & Lumpkin 1/87, #70 for Surry, Sussex & Southampton #4 of 10/88, #74 for Surry, Sussex & Southampton #6 of 9/91, and #82 and #85 for Luis Redor 11/92 and 9/93 respectively. 

The only other example of 10-18-D drawing 9 was delivered to the Pajaro Valley in 7/91.  I attach a photo, from Shaw, Fisher & Harlan's "Oil Lamps and Iron Ponies" (1949), of what they identify as this engine.  The PV had 5 later Moguls, but they are listed in class 8-20-D  drawing 20, indicating 13" cylinders. More recent sources may have better information.

None of the above appear in DeGolyer's 1991 list of BLW erection drawings.  However Surry, Sussex & Southampton #6 of 9/91 has been preserved and is operated at the Midwest Central Railroad Museum in Mt Pleasent Iowa.  So you have a, possibly much altered, example of the 8-18-D drawing 7 design available.  See < ">>.  H.T.Crittenden's history or the Surry, Sussex & Southampton, titled "The Comp'ny" (1967), has a few photographs of #4 and #6.

The larger Alberta Railway and Coal 2-6-0s of 1890 were class 8-22-D, drawing 10, #140-43.  The other examples are: #27 & 28 for South Pacific Coast 11 & 12 of 6/81, # 64 and # 108 for Champerico & N. Co. of Guatemala in 9/82 and 3/84 respectively, #75 for North Pacific Coast in 1/83, and 135 for Michoncan Ry & Mining Co in 8/89.   The SPC pair are very well known, and I enclose a pair of Southern Pacific (successor to SPC) engine diagrams.  The 1894 version is out of a set of drawings that accompanied Bruce MacGreggor's "Narrow Gauge Portrait of the South Pacific Coast", while the circa 1920 version is from Robert Bader's  recent "Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge - Locomotives and Freight Equipment", showing SP 11 & 12 before their conversion to 4-6-0s.   

So you can find good information for modeling two of the three designs, despite the quite sparse information available for your actual prototypes.

John Stutz

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