Re: Baldwin narrow gauge locomotives

John Stutz


RE: Alberta Ry & coal 2-8-0s

On looking through my 1991 edition of the DeGolyer Library's listing of available BLW Erecting Card drawings, I fail to find anything for the AR&C or the H&C.  However they do have a side elevation and cross sections for 10-26-E, drawing 9, #188 of 1891 and built as the Cauca railroad's #4, listed as collection index# 675A-10.  The basic locomotive: boiler, frames and motion work, should be identical to the AR&C and H&C engines.  Minor items like cab, running boards, sand box, stack, brake apparatus & etc. may differ, but can be corrected from photographs.  The BLW specifications book's entry may show what was changed. 

BLW erecting cards were made to show how the locomotives were to be assembled, and are profusely dimensioned, except for the boiler, which arrived complete on the erecting floor.   They are not quite up to the obsessive completeness of British style general arrangement drawings, but far more so than anything you will find in a modeling magazine. 

John Stutz

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