Baldwin narrow gauge locomotives

Nigel Phillips

Can anybody point me to where I can find Baldwin narrow gauge diagrams with dimensions? Specifically 2-6-0 and 2-8-0 locomotives around 1890. I am looking at one of the major issues of modeling in HOn3, namely the locomotives. I'm used to scratch building and bashing, getting some frames made, and constructing an appropriately gauged chassis with a narrow gearbox and motor would seem to be the best way to go. Milled/drilled or etched, along with appropriate wheels, crankpins, rods, etc. from Alan Gibson Workshop in the UK.

I looked at using an N-scale chassis and an HO body, under scale wheels and an N-scale body with a larger smokestack, domes, cab, etc. or an overscale HO body would appear to be the most obvious issues. Plus regauging the wheels in what will be a split chassis design. Blackstone models? Way too expensive for my budget.

Reason for this? I came across the Alberta Navigation and Coal Company/Great Falls and Canada Railway recently. Lots of modeling interest. Opened in 1890, 200 miles long, 3-foot gauge, changed to standard Gauge by 1903. Lots of dual gauge tracks during the conversion. Ran by the Canadian Pacific and Great Northern respectively after a lot of politicking, financial shenanigans, and buyouts.

I have found the listing of 3 locomotives erected for the Alberta railroad in 1890 in the Baldwin records I have accessed online, plus generic illustrations of the various narrow gauge locomotives in the Baldin catalogs, I might be able to get the axle spacings and wheel diameters from what I have found so far, but blueprints or erecting diagrams with the actual dimensions would be more useful.

Any assistance appreciated.

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