FW: Re: Turntable kit - a possible approach?


Hi Bob,

I did reach out to Simon through his contact form on his website but have yet to hear back from him. The lack of detail could be solved with 3D printing but that would add another source into the game which would drive up the cost of the kit. It would either need to be mostly wood construction OR 3D printed construction or, the 3rd option; a conversion kit for a Walthers turntable; like Firbeox models did. Either way it's going to take time, research, and input from customers/modelers. The biggest hurdle will be the drive components if not a conversion kit. of course if you want an exact prototypical model it will need to be 3D printed. Any suggestion, off-list of course, are welcome!

I am interested.  Kitwood Hill no longer offers their Durango turntable.  I recall he was referring folks to the Diamond Scale 65' turntable but don't see that on his website any longer.  The Kitwood Hill turntable apparently operated well but the pictures I saw lacked girder detail.  The ring rail and end bogies/drive mechanism were bulky.  I hope these can be improved, perhaps with 3D printed details.  Don't know if Kitwood Hill or Diamond Scale would be willing to provide the mechanism.

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