Re: Whats on the bench/Durango sand house question

John Stutz


Thanks for the sand house photographs. 

Looking out the door of the 1981 photo, I see the #3 & #4 drivers of what is presumably a K-36 or K-37, with the boiler stripped down to the bare shell.  On the barrel's belly there is an extremely odd pair of diagonal rivet lines, not at all like the usual form of longitudinal boiler shell seam.  Does anyone actually know what these represent?

John Stutz

On February 25, 2021 6:13 PM RICHARD DONNA BELL <bell_1_05@...> wrote:

These are from the old sand house in Durango. The first photo is from 1981, and the other two were taken some years after that. There was no interior door, just a small partition between the stove and the lift. Hope this helps. Dick

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