Re: Whats on the bench/Durango sand house question


These are from the old sand house in Durango. The first photo is from 1981, and the other two were taken some years after that. There was no interior door, just a small partition between the stove and the lift. Hope this helps. Dick


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From: Scott Baker
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Subject: [HOn3] Whats on the bench/Durango sand house question


I attached a few photos of my Durango sand house scratchbuild effort so far. I'm asking for help concerning what the door looked like between the sand bin and the drying house. I have been unable to find any photos that show that view. It seems like I saw a discussion somewhere with photos of the inside of the drying house with the equipment etc., and the process used, (it may have been Chama), but I can't seem to find the source again. Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
Scott Baker


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