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Very nice work, and I agree with Dave if the brass was not next to it, you would not have a clue there was a difference. 

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Nice job Paul.  Only the well informed purest of that locomotive would have ever noticed any difference and I bet they would have needed to compare it to find the differences.  Great Work.
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Lloyd, I know there are Athearn conversion occasionally available on eBay, haven't seen any Kato versions..  I bought an Athearn conversion 8 years ago and was not satisfied with the crude details on the old body shells, lack of DCC or lights, and the oversized trucks.  It didn't clear some of the structures on the layout so I sold it and began converting Bachmann 70t and 44t chassis to HOn3.  For less that half the cost, I got better details, DCC, LED lights and dimensions almost exactly like the SP#1 50t.  Over the next 6 years I converted 34 70t and 2 44t diesels to HOn3.  I sold all but three, the last bringing $455 on eBay.  I haven't done any more for almost 2 years and won't be doing any more.  #18 has been running for 6 years; the only thing new is the sound installation.  For comparison purposes, I have attached photos of the Westside brass model of SP#1 and my 70t version.  The length is 4 ft. longer but all dimensions are the same, i.e. overall width, height above rails, etc.   Paul

lloyd lehrer

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