Re: Another Building

Steve Hatch

  Happy to share what I do.  I've been fooling with acrylics for a couple years now and Some Days
it works good...... other times not so good.
    I just use the CHEAP stuff from WalMart.  I like buying all sorts of colors that I'll probably never use but at
$0.89  a bottle who cares.  Any way.... I have a half bubble plastic tray that I came across as packaging
somewhere along the way and I use it with a cup of water.
  I simply dip the brush in water and then grab a touch of paint from a bubble and some times
dilute it and some times use it straight.  That gives me stains and paint in varying shades and colors
as I pre smear all the parts.with either color or stain.   This by the way gives me are the variants that
make it look like I really worked hard at the colors (when I didn't).
  I even stain over parts that I sprayed white to start with. Makes an interesting aged look to the paint.
  Anyway That's all I'm doing.  Simple Cheap Easy that's me.  But most of all FUN.

here's the bubble paint holder:

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