Re: Locomotive Wheel Wiper Installation Help

Jim Spencer

Just wondering - whether putting wheel wipers on drivers will accelerate wear on the worm gear drives? Also would putting them on one side cause uneven wear on the drive wheel bearings?

Instead of wipers, is there consideration of using the lead and trailing trucks for pick up? They can simulate the inherently better pick up of a tender (if you have a 2-6-6-2T, for instance). But the the lead and trailing trucks typically have both wheels insulated. So I have drilled through the wheel tires, through the insulation and into the axles. Then inserted a tight fitting brass wire and soldered it to the rim. Then filed the rim smooth. Then test for conductivity.

You can do this on both sides in order to get both wheels conducting. Then if you are trying to improve conduction on the insulated side of the loco, you can use insulating washers at the pivot screw and solder a fine multi-strand wire #30 or 35 at the butt end and feed that wire to the motor or your decoder.

This is a heck of a lot easier than wipers.

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