Re: Tarp color

Rick Rhode <rvrhode@...>

Sounds like a plan! Show a few pics when it's done.

On Sunday, February 14, 2021, 12:29:48 PM EST, Mark Kasprowicz <mark@...> wrote:

Many thanks for all the information. I think it going to be something light grey. It's not cab curtains (I hope the new owner of RGM will consider restoring the HOn3 cast curtain to the range!), it's the ongoing self drive Goose 6 project. I get these 'what if..' moments in the middle of the night and some part of the project gets modified. So it's taking longer that it should...much longer. What I'm trying to do is disguise the Con Cor gear tower and motor which rises from the centre of the 6's open deck. I've already used the stacked ties idea for the decoder, so I thought a tarp might work ... unless someone can offer an alternative solution.
Good news is that it runs perfectly in both directions on DC. The DCCification is stirring up some grey cells that haven't been used in eons. But it will get done.

Thanks again.
Mark K

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