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Dale Buxton

If you are talking about cab curtains. These were made of an extremely heavy weight canvas or duck. Cab curtains would accumulate soot rather quickly. I have a couple of U.S. Mail bags from the 1930's and my Grandfather's seamans bag from the 1920's. This canvas is so thick that it barely folds! All of them are a shade of very pale grey. There is a name for this material that I can't remember at the moment. As a kid, at harvest time, I used to see long grain trailers with a tarp covering the entire length of the open top trailer. Photo evidence shows that this practice goes back to the horse and wagon era. I've only ever seen photos on the narrow gauges of flatcar loads with tarps on them. All of the B&W photos of tarps on trains and wagons I've ever seen seem to suggest an un-dyed canvas. So very pale cream or very pale grey.   
Humbrol used to make two great colors called "Linen" and "Unbleached Linen" I still have a couple of tins left of both.

Dale Buxton

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 What were common tarp colors in the 30's and 40's.

Mark K

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