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Jim Spencer

This reminds me a lot of John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid layout in the sense that it burned up only a couple of weeks after John died (hopefully that won’t happen to Jim’s).  But the layout lives on today because of the Linn Wescott book that was a compilation of all John's amazing photos.

Not many layouts end up like “Little Colorado” in the Cheyenne depot.  Most are torn out or parted out, like Jim’s likely will be.  

This video will allow Jim’s layout to live on for future generations of modelers, much as John’s photos did.  In fact the video, through selectively imaging, makes Jim’s layout far greater than it was in person. I visited it several times and never did understand its design concept until I saw the video.

Thank you to whomever did it.


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A great video as a tribute to Jim Vail.

James G. Spencer, Architect, AIA 

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