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Robert Bell

John and Bob,
I think the PFM 70 class is "closest" to the 70, but not exact.  The real 70 had an air tank on the firman's side AND on the engineer's side.  The model has two on the fireman's side of the boiler - similar to the 72/73.

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Attached is a photograph of WP&Y 71, probably taken by the Dedman Studio photographer during initial trials.   This is he online versionof item 05202_141 in the Royal Museum of British Colombia collection. 

The 70 was initially very similar, except 70 had conventionally located air tanks under the left running board, and the exhaust steam injector was on the right side.   Both initially had a single phase air pump on each side, and the narrow bunker tender show here. Both engines were subsequently rebuilt with exhaust steam injectors removed, a cross-compound air pump on the left side, and fitted with much larger former USATC tenders.  The 71 retained the front mounted air tank. I have not attempted to determine the order or timing of these changes, but believe that all occurred after USATC's departure.

The 72 & 73 were supplied in 1947, with single sand dome, a cross-compound air pump, conventional air tanks, and arranged to use USATC tenders.  All four were initially coal burners, and converted to oil in the 1950s.

So I believe that the PFM  model is specific to the rebuilt 70, but should give a reasonable 73 or 73 by removing the rear sand dome. 

John Stutz
On February 8, 2021 1:40 PM Robert Veefkind via <snookdust@...> wrote:

  Any info on this model with 2 sand domes? Looks like early stuff maybe 1970 or so. The prototype still running at Dollywood. Looks like a good candidate for a Sagami 1630  which are hard to find. There are a few Faulhabers  on ebay but all gearheads. Some of you gents have been finding all kinds of stuff from China, anything close to a long shaft 1630 Sagami ?    Any info is appreciated.  Bob Veefkind

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