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Robert Bell


All 500 of the PFM 70 class Mikados were built in 1968.  They all had 3-domes.  If you want a two dome version, the easiest is to just remove the rear sand dome.  But, the real 72 and 73 had a larger steam dome and a larger single sand dome.  So, what I did on mine was remove all of the domes, the old steam dome becomes the new sand dome, and a new dome from PSC was installed as the larger steam dome.  On mine, I have also modified/replaced the air pump & piping, air tank, injector pipes, headlight, and running boards to better represent the 72 circa 1959.  

The one running at Dollywood is the 70 which has three domes.

Motor wise, the 15mm square Minibea is perfect.  I think I sent you photos of the motor mount I made for mine.  Use 1mm I.D. silicone tubing (also from China for about $1-$2/meter) to connect the motor shaft to the stock gear train.  I liked this motor so much that I ripped out the 16x30mm Sagami I had installed back in the early 1990s out and sold it on eBay - somebody bid $60 for it.  The motors from China cost me about $20 for 10 of them!!!

If you want more photos of my project, I can send you some.

Rob Bell
Modeling the White Pass & Yukon Route in HOn3
Waynesville, NC

On Monday, February 8, 2021, 04:40:17 PM EST, Robert Veefkind via <snookdust@...> wrote:

  Any info on this model with 2 sand domes? Looks like early stuff maybe 1970 or so. The prototype still running at Dollywood. Looks like a good candidate for a Sagami 1630  which are hard to find. There are a few Faulhabers  on ebay but all gearheads. Some of you gents have been finding all kinds of stuff from China, anything close to a long shaft 1630 Sagami ?    Any info is appreciated.  Bob Veefkind

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