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Nothing makes me madder than the circling vultures ready to drop in and grab as much as they can for nothing and then sell it at high prices elsewhere.  Each item on a persons layout was made carefully and with a lot of feeling, there is a since of respect for the departed modeler that should take place.  The Hawks or vultures don't help anything or anyone but themselves, and in most cases are experts in self promotion for a buck.  I have known many of them in my life and as soon as I figure them out for what they are, I make sure I keep my distance from them.

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I went to Jim's house the Sunday after O Scale West. Family and friends of Jim were having a sale of numerous individual items.  When I left at the end of the sale hours there was much remaining to be sold.  While there I inquired about sale of sections of the layout and scenery that would be available once the dismantling process was started. Several sections already had individual commitments.  I expressed interest in a small unfinished section, Boulder Creek, and my name and contact info was put on the list. 
I should note here that friends assisting this effort included a number of experienced local model railroaders. The operation was being run by Jim's daughter, a woman with lots of organizational and leadership skills (and a day job!)  At the time I left there on Sunday afternoon there was still a lot of uncertainty about the large amount of work that remained.  So at his point I'm waiting to hear from them. Hopefully in the next month or two I'll hear something. 
But I'd hazard a guess that the sale of individual items at O scale West as well as at Jim's house the next day realized much less than half the realistic market value of his layout and collections.  And that is taking account of the present softness in the market for HOn3 and related narrow gauge items.  What I didn't see was any sign of a wholesale, pennies on the dollar, fill the dumpster effort to get rid of everything scene that we see in local estate sales.
Ed Weldon, Los Gatos, CA

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