Re: Blackstone models

martin feldwick

Plenty of other Chinese  railroad products are made and manage to get here .Maybe the market isnt so great for Hon3 .No other manufacturer has taken the plunge and Athearn dont make or develop their MDC Hon3 any more and Blackstone dont even make switches for their track.They are a small company and concentrate on what makes a profit.If H0n3 was a money spinner they would produce more .Lets keep on hoping .I concentrate on hoovering up cheap brass here in the UK .I sell some on ,keep what I want and then buy more .My latest is a PFM Mason bogie .A long sort after loco  for me .I already painted two  many years ago for customers but wanted one for myself .I have the Sloan decals .I might look at radio controlling it .At present I need some Congdon stacks for it and another loco.

On Sun, Jan 31, 2021 at 11:47 PM Jeff Young <jeff@...> wrote:
Blackstone’s Facebook page is updated more often than their website.  (Last update in October.)

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