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There is probably no updates to be had.
Considering the issues are with the Chinese factory and Covid has everything turned on its head, there is probably simply no new news to report.
Like everyone else I’d love to see BS back in all its glory, but until the world normals out a bit, I doubt we’ll see much movement...

On Jan 31, 2021, at 2:06 PM, Mark Lewis <narrowrails12@...> wrote:

Jim and all,

The saga of Blackstone in the HOn3 market has gone from euphoria, to frustration, to anger, to now a state of wondering disbelief. 
The last "official" communication from Blackstone, on their website home page, under - Blackstone Models Production Update - is dated 4/17/20 and is from the CEO and Owner of Blackstone - Nancy Workman. No real news in that bit of press.
On the K-28 & K-36 Mikado Project Update page, there is a update dated 10/31/17. No real news in that bit of press, either.
On the K-28 Advance Reservation page dated 8/24/17 and on the K-36 Advance Reservation page dated 3/1/17, there is no means to place a reservation(?). Hard for Blackstone to gauge market enthusiasm, if the market can't communicate their interests.

Despite the inside information from some well intended modelers and industry insiders, regarding how and when Blackstone will return to the large, hungry HOn3 model railroading market, the most telling "information", is the huge sound of silence, coming from within the corporate walls of Blackstone.

Mark Lewis
Modeling narrow gauge in N.C.
(And... patiently waiting for more excellent Blackstone products.)

On Sun, Jan 31, 2021, 11:47 AM Craig Linn <drgw346@...> wrote:
Hi Jim,

I believe they have ‘plans’ to do so, but yes…but I agree the updates on the status have been frustratingly sparse.   From past discussions I had with them, it was seeming that Nancy was really the only one working on the Blackstone stuff at this time (completely a guess - but I’d imagine the 3D models have been done for quite some time - so it’s just producing that needs to start).

Last update they had indicated they were working through issues with the manufacturing houses.  In talking with friends at other Model RR Manufacturers they are having the same issue.  The Pandemic isn’t helping things for sure.  

I’ve been waiting (like many I’m sure) for the K-28’s and K-36’s to come.  I’ve had mine on pre-order since their announcement in 2013.  I’ve started to push forward with some brass engines after seeing articles from Craig Symington on tuning up things, but I really want to have the integrated sound/quality that they have set forth in their models.

I guess time will tell….I really want to give them my business.  I just worry that as time goes on without them producing anything, it will mean that Blackstone will fade into obscurity.  

Craig in FoCo.

On Jan 31, 2021, at 9:37 AM, jhoff02@... wrote:

Does anyone know if soundtraxx has any plans to resurrect Blackstone models. The last post on the Blackstone web site is over 1 year old. Jim

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