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Bill Turner

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I agree with Robert that the shipping services seem to have been bogged down.  I have sent out several packages through USPS using stamps only to have them just disappear into thin air, and when I send a replacement shipment with tracking them seem to get through with maybe a days extra travel time.  I have had "stamped" packages then show up nearly a month or two later at the destination, but the customer was happy that I took care of the problem and got them what they wanted immediately.
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On the subject of the USPS, they have been inundated with parcels since the pandemic began last March.  Then all of the election propaganda, ballots, and then Christmas actually hit.  I mean way past "normal" Christmas time levels for 9-10 months now.  FedEx and UPS have also been overwhelmed, the big difference is that the USPS delivers an awful lot of FedEx and UPS packages for them.  And unlike them, the USPS can't pass off delivery of stuff to another company.  Now, in turn, they transport packages for the USPS.  Also, numerous USPS hubs around the country have been nearly shut down due to covid as well.  

However, in the last week, I have had three packages take only 2-3 days.  Hopefully, this is a sign of better things, although I still wait for my Jan/Feb NG&SLG...

Rob Bell
Modeling the White Pass & Yukon Route in HOn3
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Great service!  Thanks for the stories guys.

Mike Conder

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I just wanted to relate the most recent experience I had with one of our manufacturers AND the USPS.

On Tuesday evening, the 26th of January, I was assembling several packages of Kadee 714 couplers.  I opened one package and dumped the contents out and all that came out were 5 trip pins, 4 screws, and the capsule of springs.  "Well, that kinda stinks", I said to my wife, and I looked up Kadee's website and sent them an email through their website right then, at about 20 minutes after 6 PM:

"Hi there,
I just opened a package of your #714 HOn3 couplers and all that was in the package was the instruction sheet, 4-trip pins, 4-mounting screws, and the capsule of couplers!  I can't say for sure when I or where I bought these, but I think I bought them in Louisville, KY in May of 2018.  The package was unopened, undamaged, and has a ©️2003 on it.

Thanks & regards,"

I of course included my address and a quick photo of the contents and the package.  I never got a response from them, until today.  The response was a small USPS First Class package containing the missing coupler sprues (4).

I have to say that was a very nice surprise and wanted to relate it to you all. I am VERY pleased with Kadee!!!  And the USPS for that matter, as Kadee would have mailed the package on Wednesday and I got it today, Saturday, from Oregon!!

Rob Bell
Modeling the White Pass & Yukon Route in HOn3
Waynesville, NC

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